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Alan Wake 2: Other requirements mentioned

Alan Wake 2: Other requirements mentioned

from Valentine Sattler
It seems that Alan Wake 2 not only needs a lot of computing power, but it also needs a graphics card that supports grid shading and thus DirectX 12 Ultimate. This appears to have caused so much criticism that the corresponding post has now been deleted.

After the developers of Alan Wake 2 published the system requirements for the survival horror game, criticism immediately appeared. Many players seem to be bothered by the fact that Remedy Entertainment more or less requires a game upgrade to run the game. But that’s not all: it seems that older graphics cards should generally be excluded.

DirectX 12 Ultimate is mandatory

At least a Twitter/X post by a Remedy employee talks about this. Accordingly, Alan Wake 2 is said to be the first game to require Mesh Shader and therefore Direct. If you have an old and high-end GPU, you may have enough computing power to play Alan Wake 2, but obviously you will not be able to play the game this way.

It’s not mentioned in the system requirements, but Alan Wake 2 appears to require a Geforce RTX 2000 / Radeon RX 5000.
Source: via Dsogaming

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These details seemed to cause further uproar among fans of the game, so the post has since been deleted. Of course, this shouldn’t change the fact that Alan Wake 2 requires a relatively modern graphics card. If you’re playing with an older Pixel accelerator, you’ll likely have to give up the game. Alternatively, you can of course get a newer model or simply use a streaming provider.

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When it’s released in a few days, it will be interesting to see how far Alan Wake 2 can set graphical standards with high requirements. If a game can be visually excellent and thus can remain relevant for years to come, that should at least partially make things easier. In the past, many games – keyword Crysis – have achieved cult status this way.

source: Dsogaming