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Great Times Out of Nowhere - Wilson: 'I'm Still Shocked' - Sports

Great Times Out of Nowhere – Wilson: ‘I’m Still Shocked’ – Sports


The Swiss runner spoke for the first time after his exploits in Atlanta.

On Sunday, Alex Wilson stunned the entire athletics community. In a small meeting in the USA, the man from Basel set the European record for 100 meters (9.84 seconds) and doubled the Swiss record by more than 200 meters (19.89 seconds). Since then, the puzzles have come alive: How could this feat come about?

Wilson amazed

Wilson himself cannot (yet) give a definitive answer. “I’m still shocked,” he explains in an interview. He still can’t believe it.

But Wilson also adds that he’s in great shape. “On Saturday and in the training week before I felt like I was at 10.0, and the track in Atlanta is so fast,” says the 30-year-old.

A tailwind of about two meters per second would also have contributed to the staggering times: “If I had run my personal best without wind (10.08), then with a wind support of two meters, it would have been about 9.80.”

Wilson Records is still not officially recognized, and evaluation is still ongoing. “There are a few things to check: Was the distance correct? What type of timing system? Was the wind measured correctly? “Explains Philippe Pande, Head of Competitive Sports at Swiss Athletics. This so-called homogenization can take up to a week.

Regular steroid tests

Not surprisingly, stimulants are ubiquitous in such feats. For data protection reasons, Antidoping Switzerland is not allowed to release exact figures regarding the number of tests at Wilson. However, director Ernst König assures that Wilson, like all other Swiss Olympians, has recently been tested.