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Great Britain Wins FIM ISDE World Cup 2022 | News 2022

After almost seventy years of development, Great Britain has won the FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISTE) World Cup team competition. Great Britain crosses the finish line as FIM ISDE World Champion at Le Puy-en-Vale to cap off an exceptional race week…

It was a landmark victory, the first time they had won a World Cup match since 1953, while also contributing to the Women’s World Cup victory secured by Great Britain.

In a dramatic turn of events, Italy were runners-up in the final moments of the final cross Test. With team leader Andrea Verona (GASGAS) winning on day six, the Italians beat Spain by an incredible five-tenths of a second after almost thirteen hours of racing over six days.

On the brink of victory on the sixth and final day of racing, Great Britain had to wait nervously for their turn to take part in the final cross test later in the afternoon. With a lead of four minutes and twenty-two seconds over nearest rivals Spain, they were all set to win the World Cup, but still needed a smooth ride to secure victory.

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With four riders – Nathan Watson (Honda), Steve Holcombe (Beeta), Jamie McKenney (Husqvarna) and Jed Etchells (Fantique) – competing in the final race of the day, everyone caught their breath as the starting gate fell. They settled into the race with a lap safely inside the top 20.

After eleven nerve-wracking rounds, all four riders were home and the celebrations could finally begin with the British FIM ISDE World Cup Champion.

Highlights Day 5:

“It’s an incredible feeling to win the FIM ISTE,” said Brit Nathan Watson (Honda). “It’s been a long time since Great Britain last won in 1953, so it’s a great honor for us to do so.

“We prepared well, came with a strong team and got the job done. We were consistent all week, won for days and were there when it mattered.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved today. A true team effort on and off the track to achieve this result. So, thank you to everyone who is supporting us on this journey!”

After Great Britain, Italy and Spain completed this year’s FIM ISDE World Cup podium, host nation France finished fourth and the United States fifth.

Highlights Day 6:

With the ninety-sixth edition of the FIM ISDE in France coming to a close, attention will turn to the ninety-seventh edition in San Juan, Argentina in November 2023.

PA: FIM, Photos: Future7Media


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