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Is Coop labeling its recycling stations incorrectly?

Is Coop labeling its recycling stations incorrectly?

For some time now, Bernie reader Michael J.* has been wondering how to properly dispose of plastic milk bottles. Because: “I am confused by the illustrations on the recycling bins at the association’s branches,” he explains.

“The picture of the PET container shows two PET bottles plus a plastic milk bottle. But the label on these bottles shows the plastic bottle symbol and the aluminum symbol. So is the milk bottle made of PET or plastic?”

Michael says he doesn't know where the milk bottles are. “Then I simply throw half into the plastic bottle and the other half into the PET container,” he smiles. Other readers also noted the “confusing” illustrations.

So asked Coop what this illustration was about. And where exactly should you dispose of milk bottles: “The symbol on the bottle is crucial,” explains media spokesperson Sina Jabal when asked.

Since the beginning of 2024, selected milk and cream products from Coop and Emmi brands have been available from the retailer in a more environmentally friendly PET bottle. “The recognized PET symbol can be found on recyclable PET milk and dairy bottles as instructions for disposal.” These will bear the blue and yellow logo of PET-Recycling Switzerland.

Meanwhile, the “yellow diffuser on the hood” draws attention to the change. “Like common PET beverage bottles, these bottles can be returned to all PET collection points throughout Switzerland. “Thus back into the cycle,” Gebel explains.

Dairy products packaged in plastic bottles bearing the corresponding logo must be thrown away at return points as was the case before with plastic bottles. The new illustration will be used throughout Switzerland. “We only received very isolated feedback from our customers,” Jabal says.

Dairy products are being converted into PET bottles gradually. This is why both bottles (PET and PE) are currently in circulation.

*Name changed by editors.