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Great Britain: Almost 40% of all vegan diets contain animal products such as milk or eggs

Great Britain: Almost 40% of all vegan diets contain animal products such as milk or eggs

According to a recent study by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), a third of foods labeled “vegan” in Great Britain contain animal products – above all milk or eggs.

A study from Great Britain shows: mostly vegan products are only (completely) free of animal components on paper. (Photo: Roee Shpernik / CC BY-SA 4.0)

The disturbing test result prompted the company to warn consumers with severe allergies of possible “devastating effects.” Products analyzed included pizzas, burgers, muffins, chocolates and wraps.

John Herriman, executive director of CTSI, commented on the results: “Lack of a clear legal definition, unethical food companies use it to declare food products as vegan.”

He continued: “What’s even more worrying is that this lack of clarity can have devastating and sometimes tragic consequences for people who are allergic to animal products such as milk and eggs. Unfortunately, we know that consumers have already lost their lives as a result of this practice.

“Finally there needs to be clarity on what can legally be described as vegetarian”

Hence his demand: “Finally there needs to be more clarity about what can and cannot legally be described as vegetarian and plant-based.” A total of 61 products labeled vegan were analyzed. 13 milk and 48 meat substitutes.

The researchers found that 24 of these products – that’s 39 percent (!) – contained eggs or dairy products. A total of 90 percent of products are classified as inadequate because they contain at least traces of animal products or are not clearly labeled enough.

The result is in stark contrast to a recent CTSI survey, which found that 76 percent of the 2,000 participants said vegan foods are completely free of animal products.

Again Guardians writes, there are currently no clearly defined threshold values ​​for products of animal origin in the UK or the EU. Around 1.5 per cent of people living in the UK identify themselves as vegetarians.

Additionally, one in six suffer from a milk or shellfish allergy. CTSI is Friday on the subject Press release publishedWe would like to mention at this point (in English).

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