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GO blocked $63,000

GO blocked $63,000

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from: Joost Rademacher

The ban hammer swings again in CS:GO. There is currently a wave of bans in which many players with fat stocks have been banned – including MontanaBlack.

Buxtehude – Counter-Strike Global Offensive has become MontanaBlack’s new big replaying hobby. For a few weeks, the streamer has been raging at Valve’s shooter and opening chests live on Twitch over and over again. However, on July 18th, things got really rough for the Twitch star — his account and stock were banned from the community. Fortunately, things didn’t end badly.

full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
known as Montana Black
birthday March 02, 1988
place of birth Boxhood
YouTube subscribers 2,900,000 (as of June 2023)
Followers on Twitch 5,000,000 (as of June 2023)

MontanaBlack: Surprise Community Ban – The entire stock has been banned

This may have happened: MontanaBlack has found a new hobby in CS:GO. For a few months, the streamer has been regularly trolling Valve’s old shooter. But you don’t see much hype in his streams, Monte is more interested in chests and skins in Counter-Strike.

MontanaBlack has already spent over €100,000 on CS:GO, so he’s amassed a decent inventory with some quality items and rare item chests. However, Valve is now taking tougher action against the box mania, and recently deleted skins and accounts worth more than $2 million USD. Recently, there has been a flurry of community bans in CS:GO and some were surprised to see MontanaBlack among the bans.

What is the difference between a VAC ban and a community ban?

If VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) is banned, players will be prevented from playing a specific game on the online servers. This ban usually happens when someone gets caught with active cheaters, bots or trainers. On the other hand, community ban bans accounts from various community features. This means things like trading items between accounts or the marketplace, but group functionality and interactions with other accounts will also be restricted.

Monty lost a lot of money: The Discord bot recently showed accounts banned from CS:GO and some fans discovered a MontanaBlack account under them. This also temporarily blocked the entire inventory of the streamer. There was quite a bit of money in there, and the notification said the account had $62,842 worth of inventory.

Shock for MontanaBlack – CS:GO Account Banned $63,000 © imago / dpa / valal (Montage)

There was also an interesting statistic: MontanaBlack is ranked 533rd in the list of the most expensive stocks in CS: GO. For a game that has over 1 million players a day, that’s a good number.

Relief comes after a few hours: Monty himself has not publicly commented on the ban, but has taken direct steps to lift the ban. That same evening, the bot reported that the MontanaBlack account was not banned. The lock should only last a few hours, if at all.