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Germany: TikTok chip challenge backfires

Germany: TikTok chip challenge backfires

Tik Tok challenge

The pupils overeat the chili flakes – and then the ambulance comes

This TikTok challenge in the German town of Euskirchen turned into chaos when dozens of fifth graders ate too many spicy potato chips and needed medical treatment during recess.


Fifth graders at this comprehensive school in Euskirchen ate piping hot potato chips as part of a TikTok challenge, and they didn’t take it well.

Imago / Hermann J. Knippertz

  • 15 students from Euskirchen, Germany, ate super hot potato chips for a TikTok challenge, and they just couldn’t stand it.

  • They required emergency medical treatment, and a total of seven ambulances were deployed.

  • Time and time again, participants get injured due to Tiktok challenges.

At a comprehensive school in the town of Euskirchen in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, 15 students had to be treated by the emergency services – because they had previously eaten extremely hot chili flakes. The incident happened as part of a Tiktok challenge. It appears that the students were in such severe pain from eating that the school had to call the emergency services. This was reported by the newspaper “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”.

At around 12:00 noon, the emergency services moved to the basic school with large forces, including seven ambulances. According to headteacher Thomas Müller, the children’s eyes had to be rinsed out – probably because they had leftover chips on their fingers and rubbed their eyes with it. The paramedics also gave them milk to drink. But no one was seriously injured.

Was it the hottest chip challenge?

It is not yet known exactly what kind of chips the children ate. However, it is possible that the “Most Exciting Slide Challenge” is currently buzzing on Tiktok. In this challenge, participants eat one slice of Paqui brand. This is actually delivered individually and is very hot due to the red pepper it contains. Most challenge participants hold the chip in their mouths for less than a minute. However, the manufacturer’s website indicates that the chips are only available in the USA and Canada.

In the past, children and young adults have been repeatedly injured as part of TikTok challenges, and some of them have been serious. very retired 16 years old, from North Carolina Severe burns all over his body – In a failed challenge, he previously had to spray highly flammable paint into a lighter. The canister exploded, burning 75 percent of the boy’s skin. One A 16-year-old Swiss woman He received a concussion as part of the “Skullbreaker Challenge” and had to be treated in hospital.

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