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Sritha praises Prayuth, Thailand and Bangkok

Sritha praises Prayuth, Thailand and Bangkok

New Thai Prime Minister Sritha Thavisen. Photo: The Nation

BANGKOK – Thailand’s new Prime Minister Sritha Thavisen on Thursday (August 24, 2023) paid tribute to outgoing Prime Minister Prayuth Chan Oo Cha for touring the Government House during their “historic meeting”.

Sritha said that when he was asked about his aspirations for the country before leaving office, Prayuth gave him advice on what to do.

“General Prayuth is very nice. He also took me on a tour of the government building,” Sritha told reporters at Pheu Thai party headquarters.

He said that the outgoing Prime Minister also showed him the Prime Minister’s Office. “But he told me he actually works in a small room nearby. I wasn’t trying to sit in the prime minister’s chair.”

Sritha, the prime ministerial candidate from the Pheu Thai Party coalition, won the majority of votes in Parliament in a joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives on Tuesday (August 22, 2023). He obtained 482 votes in favor of 750 parliamentarians, compared to 165 votes against and 81 abstentions.

A ceremony to receive the royal warrant confirming Sritha’s appointment was held at Pheu Thai headquarters on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the new prime minister said Prayuth had advised him to be careful, diligent and patient while observing the country’s three pillars – “nation, religion and monarchy”.

“He also asked me to take care of some good politics that he had started. …Eat [Politik]which is worth continuing, we will [Sretthas Regierung] He told reporters.

“He is a high-ranking figure who deserves respect,” Sritha said of Prayuth.

“He told me this was the first time in Thailand’s history that two prime ministers had met in person and discussed what they could do for the country. That’s a good thing for me,” Sritha says.

However, he acknowledged that quickly overcoming the political divisions in the country after the meeting of the two prime ministers representing the opposing sides would not be easy.

“I have learned that General Prayuth intends to resolve the conflict. He really cares about the country. We will try to work together in the future,” Sritha said.

The United Thai Nation Party, which has nominated Prayuth as one of its candidates for the post of prime minister in the general elections scheduled for May 14, is one of the partners in the 11-party coalition led by Pheu Thai. However, Prayuth announced his retirement from politics and resigned from all his offices in the United Thai Nation after the election.