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German RPG takes off on Steam: despite mixed reviews

German RPG takes off on Steam: despite mixed reviews

An all-new role-playing game from German developer Deck13 is now available on Steam and surfs straight to the developer’s best seller list. However, Atlas Fallen has received mixed reactions from the community.

New on Steam: This is in Atlas Fallen

Deck 13 sends you on a wild desert adventure with gods, monsters, and magical gauntlets with Atlas Fallen. The role-playing game was released on August 10th for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC. On Steam, it’s currently up to Twelfth place in the list of best sellers (source: steam).

The world of Atlas Fallen is ruled by the tyrannical sun god Thelos, who oppresses and punishes humanity with dangerous sand monsters. Fortunately, you will come across one at the beginning of the game magic glove, which allows you to harness the power of the desert for your own purposes. With these new powers, you can calmly surf the dunes, outwit enemies, and eventually start a rebellion against the divine being.

Atlas Fall

You can also play Atlas Fallen with a friend. We explain to you how fights between two people take place:

This is what Steam players are saying about Atlas Fallen

However, Atlas Fallen caused mixed feelings in the Steam community shortly after its release. Currently located only 53 percent of reviews A positive action RPG from Germany.

Accordingly the reviews are very divided. The combat system, movement, and graphics are both praised and criticized. However, negative reviews agree that the story of Atlas Fallen failed to impress them. English-speaking gamers also criticize the voiceover, while criticizing German voices Praised by players (Source: steam).

We also noted on Test GIGA that Deck 13 probably won’t win an Oscar with the story. Action fans should check out Atlas Fallen thanks to that Diverse combat system It still gives the opportunity to enjoy sand surfing.

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