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German football is hotly discussing the DFB team's goal song

German football is hotly discussing the DFB team's goal song

When the German national team scores a goal in the future, many fans will want Peter Schilling's “Major Tom” as their anthem.Photo: imago/ulmer/teamfoto

March 26, 2024 at 12:28 pmMarch 26, 2024 at 2:03 pm

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After the exhilarating 2-0 win over France on Saturday, there is only one topic left to talk about when it comes to the German national team: that the song “Major Tom” will be played as the DFB team's goal music in the future. . Many fans have wanted it, at least since shirt manufacturer Adidas used the song in the introduction video for the new shirts.

National coach Julian Nagelsmann and the players are now being asked for their opinions in the interviews. For Nagelsmann, it's not a big deal because “he usually shouts so loudly that I always notice the music very late.” “No matter what the goal anthem is, the song is definitely an absolute classic,” said Robert Andrich, Granit Xhaka's midfield teammate at Bayer Leverkusen.

On the other hand, supporters of the German national team seem more cheerful: an online petition has already collected more than 20 thousand signatures. Singer Peter Schilling has now also had to give various interviews on the matter and even UEFA has commented on the matter.

ZDF presenter Tommy Schmidt and TV author Gregor Riel started talking about this topic in October last year on Schmidt's podcast “Copa TS”. Now they both referred back to the current discussion.

ZDF broadcaster calls for 'more Beer King' from German Football Association team

However, one thing is already clear: Zombie Nation's “Kernkraft 400” will also be played during the international test match against the Netherlands on Tuesday night if the DFB side scores a goal.

However, TV composer Riel had already campaigned for “Neue Deutsche Welle” five months earlier, and the song is now being requested across Germany. “We Germans have to overcome the successes,” says Schmidt, also known from his joint podcast with Felix Lubrecht called “Gemischtes Hack,” explaining the success.

“We don't have an ultra group, there's no fan scene and there's no fan spirit around the national team. Besides? This won't work for us.”

However, Germans have a specific repertoire centered around songs like “Major Tom” or “Marmor, Stein und Eisen brucht”. He therefore calls for a new direction: “Allowing more Birkönig into stadiums during the European Championships could work.”

It has become clear in the past that the game “Major Tom” is played on German courts and can induce euphoria. In April 2022, in the semi-finals of the Europa League, Eintracht Frankfurt supporters sang the song loudly.

For singer Peter Schilling, the song is also perfect as a goal anthem. “I played football myself and I can almost understand what a professional player feels when he has just scored a goal. In my opinion, this situation in life is best described by the phrase 'completely detached' for the players themselves as well as “to the public.”

DFB Main Team: UEFA clearly rejects this

In European competitions, it is difficult for German scorers to celebrate goals in the 80s. UEFA said in response to a question from Sportsshaw: “The goal anthems in the European Nations Cup are the same for all teams and are part of the official song of the European Nations Cup 2024.” However, this official song does not currently exist.

The only thing that is clear is that it will be a collaboration between German singer Leonie, American band OneRepublic and Italian dance trio Meduza.

However: Associations can submit “suggestions for songs for the warm-up and after the final whistle.” Maybe even in the international version.

Singer Peter Schilling said: “Major Tom, or the English version, has achieved success throughout Europe and the world, and has been known in countries such as Spain, England and Italy for forty years.” Just last year he “re-sung” the song in Spanish.

At least fans can be “completely weightless” before kick-off.

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