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Ausbruch voraus? Bitcoin behält Rekordhoch im Blick

Future outbreaks? Bitcoin keeps a record high | 04/11/21

After the price of the digital currency on the Bitstamp trading platform approached a record high of $ 61,781 in mid-March to below $ 600 on Saturday, it fell to just $ 59,700 on Sunday morning, a record high but still within reach – especially since prices Large ebbs and flows are a common occurrence.

Since the jump to a record high in mid-March, the average oldest cryptocurrency has cohered between about 50,000 and nearly $ 60,000. A breakout to a new high could give a new momentum.


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Bitcoin and Co. In the past few months the growing interest from business and investors. Companies such as electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, PayPal, or the credit card company Visa have allowed specific digital currencies as a method of payment or have begun similar pilot projects. The interest of some asset and fund managers has also increased dramatically.

Meanwhile, central bankers and financial regulators continue to critically consider digital currencies and warn, among other things, of the possibility of improper use and risks to stability in financial markets. Consequently, concerns about stricter regulation in the meantime have repeatedly affected the trajectory, which, apart from minor setbacks, has been at its peak since the fall of last year. At the end of September, Bitcoin cost $ 10,000.

According to Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin now has a good market capitalization of $ 1.1 trillion. This means that the oldest cryptocurrency is also by far the largest. Behind Bitcoin, Ether ranks second with a market capitalization of nearly $ 246 billion, currently.

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