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Free Football Regulation UK – Thred website is cause for celebration

Free Football Regulation UK – Thred website is cause for celebration

Following a fan-led review in 2021, the British government announced plans to appoint an independent football regulator to oversee England's top five leagues. The bill was tabled in Parliament this week.

A groundbreaking bill was introduced in the UK Parliament this week to make it a law Independent regulator With the power to rule England's top five leagues.

As the English football pyramid strives for unlimited profit margins, fans have long felt like an afterthought in the decision-making processes of clubs and sporting managers.

This sense of alienation reached its climax Fan-driven review By 2021, there is a general consensus that an independent regulator should be established to protect the sport and allow fans' voices to be heard beyond the stands.

The prospect of such a bill has been considered in the media for three years – with an expert from Sky Sports Gary Neville The issue continues to be raised on television – and as of Tuesday (March 19), comprehensive reform is now officially in the British government's wheelhouse.

While we await the fine print and finer details of the draft law, the most we can hope for is that the regulator will be self-governing and not collusive with existing football authorities.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport says the new body will be “delivered with strong powers focused on three key objectives: improving the financial sustainability of clubs, ensuring the financial sustainability of all leagues and safeguarding the heritage of English football”.

We know that this influence includes greater scrutiny of future club owners and directors, changes in a club's strategic direction or the club's history, and the obligation to consult fans on off-field decisions about the power to intervene in contracts. Can't agree Distribution of funds between the Premier League and the EFL.

However, many Premier League figures, including the owner of West Ham David SullivanA number of high-profile events have highlighted the need to prioritize safeguarding the sport, which has raised concerns about changing “a winning formula” and inadvertently reducing interest in the domestic scene.

A political storm over a teacup will no doubt continue, often driven by self-interest, but it's undoubtedly a win for the fans… unless your club has something to hide.

Without obvious protection, another sneaky trick like this can be stopped European Super League Jumping out of the woodwork? For those unfamiliar, the owners of the traditional “Big Six” clubs in England have made an outrageous bid to replace the Premier League with an entirely new European league formula in April 2021.