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Formula 1: Despite second place in the tests

Formula 1: Despite second place in the tests


March 15, 2022-6: 15 AM hour

This gives German fans hope at the start of the Formula 1 season: Mick Schumacher is satisfied with his company’s new car in an interview – and explains that despite finishing second at the end of driving tests in Bahrain, he was not. Yet he showed his full strength. “The car definitely felt good,” says the Haas driver. “I don’t yet know how well you can translate something in that time.” After all, many teams still have not taken off their clothes. “This does not mean that we have already shown our full potential,” he adds with a smile. However, the 22-year-old still wants to fall back on expectations for 2022. At least until the first race.

Schumacher: This could be the biggest hurdle in the first race

Initially in Bahrain (Sundays from 4pm on RTL live bar), Schumi jr. One thing above all: reach your goal. Because the Haas team’s biggest concern may be reliability at first. “I think that would be reliable for a lot of the teams. Maybe for us too. The engine has been frozen for three years now. (“Frozen,” editor’s note)“So it stays that way,” explains the 22-year-old. “Accordingly, many teams may have tried to put together as much as possible.”

It is also important for Schumacher to avoid accidents, otherwise it could be difficult with the 1:1 fix: “There aren’t many parts at the moment”.

The same goes for Mick’s new teammate Kevin Magnussen, who is back in Formula One. Schumacher says the Dane’s first impression was “very positive”. “We get along very well.” Changing to his side can be a win-win situation. “I hope we can benefit from each other,” Shumi Jr. says. “He has the experience. But of course I also have my experience.” trusted.

Danner also believes in Schumacher: Points are possible

Christian Danner, the RTL expert, is also optimistic about Schumacher’s season. He believes Haas has made a huge leap – from the back of the field to midfield. The US race team is one of the “visual winners” of the test drive, Danner judged in an RTL/NTV interview. “Haas has definitely taken a big leap forward, in midfield. We have to wait and see if they are really up front in midfield or in midfield. But the team has developed very well.”

The RTL commentator said Schumacher’s new car is “really stylish, you can drive it into the points”. (SSC/Anna/Mar)