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Formula 1: Crazy Corner! New Team About to Start – “We’re So Close”

Michael Andretti has been working on his big dream for some time: he would like to have his own Formula 1 team. After a failed takeover bid by Sauber Group, he is now planning to form a completely new team.

So far, Formula 1 has rejected Michael Andretti’s plans, but the American businessman is now giving new hope. He hints that the “kick-off” for his team may come before Christmas.

Formula 1: Andretti still hopes to start

Michael Andretti belongs to the motorsports family. Father Mario became Formula 1 World Champion in 1978, he drove one season in Formula 1 himself and his son Marco is still active in the IndyCar series. There he drives for his father’s team. In addition to IndyCar, Andretti Autosport is also active in Formula E, the Supercars Championship and Extreme E.

Michael Andretti’s next goal is to get into Formula 1. In 2021 the purchase of the Sauber (Alfa Romeo) team fails, and in 2022 Andretti submits documents to the FIA ​​in order to be allowed to start with his own racing team in 2024.

So far, the idea of ​​including an eleventh team in Formula 1 has not been well received. Several team bosses fight back, denying Andretti entry. “We don’t want to dilute the value just by adding teams,” Toto Wolff said, for example.

Michael Andretti wants to start with his Formula 1 team. picture: IMAGO/Ebner

Meanwhile, it has been quiet, but now Andretti’s remarks are making people stand up and take notice. “We hope to find a solution in the next few weeks. That would definitely be a nice Christmas present,” said Michael Andretti of the American daily.Indy Star“.

Andretti: “We are very close”

Andretti further revealed, “We’re working every day to get clearance for the expansion team. I’m still confident. We’re getting close. We haven’t gotten our ‘OK’ yet, but we’re really close.” He did not want to give more detailed thoughts about the negotiations.

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