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For the weekend: Does the community help?  Yes!

For the weekend: Does the community help? Yes!

Friday, November 17, 2023, Ralph Hersl

I phrased the title of this weekend’s article as a question. I would answer this question clearly with a yes. When it comes to help, you have to differentiate what it is for. A community is usually defined by a topic. Whether it’s about the local fire department (cheers Tim), or about free software and the free community, as is the case with GNU/

In the past few weeks, I have been able to use the community’s help and learn to appreciate it again. Who we are in Matrix Rooms He speaks And Helps He follows, knows what I mean. I was having trouble updating my Manjaro distribution to GNOME 45. If anyone is interested, I can here Read it in the Manjaro forum or on Reddit. (I haven’t linked to Reddit because it’s a crappy platform and I’m about to log out of it.)

Anyone looking for help can find answers in public and private forums. A good title has been around for years Ubuntu users. As the name suggests, it is primarily about canonical distribution. Users of derivatives, such as Mint Linux, are often rejected, as our readers have reported. All major distributions have their own support forums. First of all this Al-Qaws Forum And that Debian Forum. Other large distributions also provide good support on their forums.

To answer the title question: Yes, the community helps. It is often difficult for beginners to find the right channel for the help they need. There are now countless media where you can look for support: YouTube, distribution sites, forums and many others. I trust the knowledge of the GNU/ community more and more. In our Help room Get fast, professional help solving problems you encounter in your daily life with your GNU/Linux operating system.

The GNU/ community is friendly, efficient, and responsive.

She deserves a lot of thanks for that.