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For a million deals!  Dirk Nowitzki flies to Slovenia - US SPORT

For a million deals! Dirk Nowitzki flies to Slovenia – US SPORT

An important business trip for the new Special Counsel of the Dallas Mavericks!

NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki (43) travels to Ljubljana, Slovenia this week with club owner Mark Cuban (63), coach Jason Kidd (48), general manager Nico Harrison (48) and vice president Michael Finlay (48). A million mega deal!

Then: With superstar Luka Doncic (22) the Mavericks want to explain the extension of the Supermax contract in his home country, which brings him $207 million! NBA expert Mark Stein revealed the Million Dollar Journey.

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Why is Dirk there? clearly: He is said to have a good relationship with Doncic. In addition, the German is considered the greatest Mavericks player of all time! With the site in Slovenia, the club wants to show how important Doncic is – as the face, present and future of the franchise. This visit should also be a symbolic way of handing over the wand.

Dallas actually wanted to spell out the huge contract a long time ago. But Doncic left immediately after the knockout against the Los Angeles Clippers to prepare for the Olympic basketball tournament with Slovenia.

Doncic suffered a bitter defeat in Tokyo after 17 matches without a consecutive defeat against France in the semi-finals. Also in the match for third place, the Slovenes came out empty-handed against Australia. Sheet metal instead of bronze! Nevertheless, the Slovenes performed well in the tournament.

But be careful! Hopefully the new contract will be signed by 2027 despite the wrist injury he last injured! Doncic: “I need a few days off from basketball. I’ve played in the NBA every day since the start of the season. That’s been a lot of games. So I need a few days off.”

In the meantime, there are rumors in the US about the possibility of a new addition besides Doncic: Lauri Markkanen (24), the Finnish giant from the Chicago Bulls, is said to be a hot topic. By the way, German Dennis Schroeder (27) is not a problem. The Mavericks have made it clear that they don’t care about him. The former Lakers player is allegedly in negotiations with the Boston Celtics and a deal could be struck at any moment, according to US media.


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