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Florian Silbereisen and Beatrice Egli – fans have been waiting for this announcement

Florian Silbereisen and Beatrice Egli – fans have been waiting for this announcement

Florian Silbereisen and Beatrice Egli are stars of the successful scene. In 2023, the two released the duet “We Only Know,” sparking speculation among fans. They keep asking this question: Are Egli and Silbereisen a couple? It has now been announced that the two are planning something new together.

The first duet sparked rumors of love between Florian Silbereisen and Beatrice Egli

The love rumors are driven by lines from their shared duet like “You want her with me too” and the familiarity between the two when they appear on stage. The two successful stars did not confirm or deny this. Instead, they play with speculation in interviews.

This is what Beatrice Egli said in an interview with Saarbrücken newspaper I asked her about Florian Silbereisen, and whether the commotion didn't bother her. In her answer, she simply pointed to a line from the duo and said, “I'm completely over that. Because what happens in my private life, only we know.”

In conversation with New Publication However, lately, it doesn't seem as if the love rumors are true: “I keep getting to know someone, but it never works out,” Beatrice Egli said. She revealed the qualities that the man of her dreams should have. It is especially important for her to have a big heart and sense of humor.

A new pairing of Florian Silbereisen and Beatrice Egli is likely to be planned

Now Beatrice Egli has made a new announcement – but it's still a mystery. In a question and answer session On Instagram Beatrice Egli answered questions from fans who also wanted to know if a new duet with Florian Silbereisen was planned.

The pop singer's answer to this question immediately made waves among fans and in the media: “We're onto something new. But I can't reveal what it will be yet.” So it looks like a new duet between them is on the way.

By the way: Florian Silbereisen calls a certain woman before every show. He still has a tattoo of his ex-lover Helen Fisher on his shoulder – a tattoo that was from him ZDF Hidden by tricks.