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Floods in Pakistan after heavy monsoon rains


Fleeing the floods: Villagers in southern Pakistan’s Sindh province fled to safety.

1,100 dead, 700,000 cattle dead, 200,000 destroyed and 450,000 homes destroyed, 20,000 square kilometers of unusable farmland, 145 shoveled bridges: the devastation caused by the floods in Pakistan is immense, the suffering is immense. 33 million people out of 220 million are affected.

Heavy monsoon rains have caused chaos in all four counties since June. Precipitation is five times the average of the past 30 years. According to Climate Minister Sherry Rahman (61), a third of the country is under water. “This is no longer the normal monsoon – it is a climatic dystopia on our doorstep,” the minister said. “Dystopia” is a story that shows a negative caricature of future humanity.