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Flights cancelled: Lufthansa has to adjust its flight schedule due to engine problems on its A320 Neo

Flights cancelled: Lufthansa has to adjust its flight schedule due to engine problems on its A320 Neo

Since the German airline had fewer aircraft available than planned, it was forced to abandon the routes. Lufthansa's domestic and international destinations are affected.

On average, 20 Lufthansa Group aircraft will be on the ground at any time in 2024 due to the necessity of inspections of the PW1100G-JM engines from the American manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. During production there were problems with forging of metal powder. This also affects the flight schedule. Due to its limited capacity, Lufthansa has at least temporarily suspended some of its flights.

Linz Airport initially announced on Tuesday (January 16) that Lufthansa would suspend the route to Frankfurt at the start of the summer flight schedule. Norbert Draskovits, the federation’s general director, was quoted as saying: “We tried to avoid the suspension by all means available to us, but unfortunately we have to note that this was not possible.”

No positive economic development

Linz is not the only airport with engine problems. A company spokesperson said: “Lufthansa is constantly evaluating and improving its entire route network.” «Due to unscheduled maintenance work on Pratt & Whitney engines in the Lufthansa A320neo fleet, Lufthansa Airlines will have significantly fewer aircraft available next year than originally planned. Therefore, various flights had to be canceled or suspended.

According to a Lufthansa spokesman, these routes “have not shown any positive economic development in recent months.” From Frankfurt, flights to Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara will be affected from 1 March 2024, and flights to Linz, Friedrichshafen and Innsbruck from 31 March. The connection from Munich to Leipzig will be canceled as of March 31.

Lenz is looking for an alternative, and Friedrichshafen may have found him

In Linz, it is said that efforts are being made to find an alternative to Lufthansa flights. Discussions will be held with existing and potential airline partners “to try to increase the frequency of existing feeder flights or find a new partner for the Frankfurt route,” explains Marco Pernetta, Managing Director of Innsbruck.

In Friedrichshafen, you've already come a long way. They are optimistic that connectivity to Frankfurt can be secured again in the short term with a new partner, the airline Sky Alps. “The cooperation with Sky Alps also opens up other possibilities to serve new destinations, such as Düsseldorf, Hamburg or Berlin,” she says.