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Finally update with WiFi fix?

Finally update with WiFi fix?

from Andreas Link
After iOS received the latest update, iOS 17.2 Beta 1 is quickly becoming available. We recap what’s inside, and a WiFi fix for the iPhone 15 is also coming.

The iOS 17.2 beta is here and with it comes a first overview of what’s inside. A WiFi fix for the iPhone 15 should also be included. The exact scope of bug fixes and security patches won’t be known until release, but some new features could already be tested.

Apple Magazine

The biggest change in iOS 17.2 is the Journal app, but for now it looks like it’s only coming to iPhone and not iPad. Apple introduced Journal at WWDC and promised to release it in the iOS 17 cycle. The app is “a whole new way to appreciate life’s moments and preserve memories.”

Apple music

Apple Music is also getting additional new functionality. With shared playlists, you can invite other people to enjoy music with them. All members can add and remove songs. Following Favorites from iOS 17.1, there is now the Favorites playlist for update 17.2, which is automatically generated based on favorite titles. Additionally, the recommendation algorithm is being rebuilt: choose whether the music played influences recommendations and mixes, appears in Recently Played Songs, or appears to others on Apple Music.

Apple translation

The translator can be placed on the action button on iPhone 15 with iOS 17.2. You can open the application by clicking on it and translating the language. Apple has integrated the app on the home screen. Apple also announced this functionality, but did not integrate it into iOS 17 for release.

wifi repair etc

For some apps like Clock and Weather, there are new widgets that allow for more detailed configuration. iMassages includes Contact Key Verification, which was announced over a year ago and aims to make sure you’re communicating with the person you really want to reach. However, the security feature will probably not play a role in the daily lives of the majority of users. Announced stickers can now also be distributed in the News app. There’s also rainbow text for contact stickers and a new page-turn effect in Apple Books.

WiFi Repair is also designed specifically for the iPhone 15 Certain. Users reported that Wi-Fi connections were unstable, slowed down, and dropped out. Perhaps the mistake also comes with a great deal of stubbornness installation, so some apps work and others don’t. Apple is said to have resolved the issue and fixed the bug by updating to iOS 17.2.

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