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Ferrari Las Vegas livery: white wings

Ferrari Las Vegas livery: white wings

After 41 years, the Grand Prix Circus travels to Las Vegas once again. Ferrari wants to celebrate its return to gamers’ paradise with a very special campaign. The Italians will give their racing car a new look. The red outer leather is broken up with several white accents. Even corporate sponsors’ logos, such as Shell’s, which are usually yellow, are now completely white.

The new paint on the wings is particularly eye-catching. Both the main blade on the nose and the entire rear wing glow white during night racing. Additional white areas can be seen on the hood and side compartments, which previously had a carbon black appearance. There are also white outside mirrors and a white decorative strip from the edge of the cockpit over the side compartments aft.

© Ferrari

Like Ferrari racers from the 1970s, the SF-23 at the Las Vegas GP also features white accents.

Remember the successes of the 70s

This look is intended to be reminiscent of Ferrari’s Formula 1 racers from the 1970s, who achieved success in many American races with Niki Lauda, ​​Carlos Reutemann, Gilles Villeneuve and Clay Regazzoni at the wheel. Ferrari thanked the team’s sponsors who approved the idea and abandoned their usual colors in the logos.

To match the redesigned car, the drivers’ race outfits in Las Vegas were also given a different look. Here the white accents are mainly placed on the collar and sleeves. The riders’ starting number can be seen on the back in a large white circle.

© Ferrari

The racing clothes and team kit have also been adapted to the new look.

New clothes for the fans

Of course, Ferrari will also be launching matching red and white promotional products for its fans. Outfitter Puma has worked with Californian designer Joshua Vides to create an all-new collection whose look is said to be inspired by the “golden era of motorsport in the USA.”

There will be a limited edition version of the famous team kit, which is equipped with white Las Vegas club logos. Team sponsor Ray Ban also announced that it will offer a special model of sunglasses for the premiere of the new American race.

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