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Federal Economy Minister Altmeier travels to the United States: “Seeing friends”

Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmeyer (CDU) left for the United States on Wednesday as the first Union Minister since taking office as US President Joe Biden.

Briefly essential

  • The topics of discussion were mainly climate protection and trade policy.

Altmeier said it was a “visit of friends” before leaving for Berlin. The planned talks are primarily about climate protection, jobs and trade policy.

As Altmeier put it, “It’s about the resumption of the Atlantic relationship.” Germany is ready to cooperate: the American has an outstretched hand GovernmentWe will take this hand. “

Altmeyer said he was bringing “a small package for climate protection”; The Bundestack This week in Germany will significantly tighten climate protection measures, the country will “soon become climate neutral”. The Government Eight billion Euro Extra new money is ready for climate protection measures; Much of this has to go to developing energy measures to reduce heating costs for citizens.

It is “unplanned” that he will be the first Union Minister to travel to the United States. The reason is that the US Special Envoy for Climate Change, John Kerry, Only available for talks in Washington on Thursday, Altmeier said. “I wanted to use it,” he said of climate policy.

In trade policy it is about “accumulated conflicts” from the administration of the US president Donald Trump முடியும் Can solve step by step. By mitigating the conflict over aircraft manufacturers Airbus And Boeing Altmeyer said the first good compromise was reached.

During the visit of the President of the United States Joe Biden In Brussels in mid-July, both parties pledged to waive the five-year penalty fee. “It is necessary to clear all other points with me,” Altmeyer said.

Trump In June 2018 it imposed billions of penalties on steel and aluminum from Europe. After Biden changed it, the Europeans decided not to impose billions worth of counter-tariffs on US goods from June 1 in order to make room for negotiations. Altmeyer said there would be no major deals shortly before the start of the summer break – “we are now paving the way” for deals to be reached in the coming months.

Even about the controversial Pipeline He will discuss North Stream 2 in the United States – “among friends,” he stressed.

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