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FC Zurich vs FC St. Gallen – the match is at the ticket bar

FC Zurich vs FC St. Gallen – the match is at the ticket bar

Late euphoria at FC St. Gallen – Thanks to Fabian Schubert, the guests get a point at FC St. Gallen.Photo: Cornerstone

Thanks to a late Fabian Schubert goal, FCSG still got a point in Zurich, with Yverdon Servette clearly ahead. Enzo Crivelli makes a fuss.

08/26/2023, at 20:1326.08.2023, 20:30

Zurich – St. Gallen 1: 1

FC St. Gallen drew 1-1 with FC Zurich in the dying minutes. Fabian Schubert, who has been injured for a long time, is the acclaimed goalscorer.

A few minutes after Antonio Marchisano had celebrated FC Zurich’s 2-0 lead, St. Gallen equalized. At a corner kick, goalkeeper Lawrence Atti Zigi, who had pushed forward, rose up and set up Fabian Schubert’s goal with a header.

and the aim was particularly satisfactory to Schubert and Ziggy. The Austrian striker, who participated in the 89th minute, scored his first goal after recovering from a broken leg and fibula that kept him out for several months. And Ate Zhigi led to him forgetting the goal, which wasn’t his fault, but he still has to be blamed. Jonathan Okita got the better of the goalkeeper just under an hour later with a stunning 30-metre strike.

After the setback, St. Gallen showed their spirits and never gave up, despite injured captain Lukas Görtler and FC Zurich’s defense very calm. 2-0 looked closer than 1-1. But while the Eastern Switzerland side were lucky at the right moment in the end, Marchisano’s goal was ruled out due to a narrow offside.

Zurich, who started the match with the same starting line-up for the fifth time in a row, left the field with hanging heads after conceding a late goal. But you can be optimistic about the coming weeks. And also because Okita immediately followed in the footsteps of top scorer Aegon Tosen, who was sold to Lorient. He scored his fourth goal in the fifth game, having scored seven goals in the last 29 games.

Zurich – St. Gallen 1: 1 (0: 0)
16,570 spectators. SR Dudek.
Portals: 56. Okita (Matthew) 1-0. 94. Schubert 1-1.
Zurich: crusher; Camberi, Catic, Dabrella; Puranijasevic, Matthew; Conde, Guerrero; Rohner (Marchesano 46), Avery (Rodrigo Conceicao 72), Okita (Hornshuh 90).
St. Gallen: cigarette. Zanotti, Falci, Diaby, Okorugi (Sutter 75); Gortler (Stefanovic No. 75), Quintela, Vasleji, Fitzig (Schubert No. 97); Goebbels (59 from Moss), Akolo (75 from Mueller).
Warnings: 47. Okorogi, 45. Katic, 45. Okolo, 65. Whiti, 79. Rodrigo Conceicao, 89. von Moss.

Yverdon – Servetus 4:1

After eleven games without defeat, Servette loses the duel of the French-speaking Swiss with promoted Everdon to the Premier League, 1-4. Christopher Longueu scores two goals.

With Christopher Longueuil, Yverdon brought in a very fast striker on loan from Juventus Turin until the end of the season. The former Swiss Under-21 international made his league debut for Yverdon and needed less than 120 seconds to score the first goal. And quickly deceived the Geneva defense. And in the 56th minute, the decision was made, with a score of 3-0.

Servette was about to get back into the game at the start of the second half. Everdon goalkeeper Kevin Martin made it 1-1 with a powerful save and in the next three minutes his striker scored two goals successfully. Ayman Mahyous capped off a beautiful formation to make it 2-0 before Longueuil scored the second goal. In the final minutes, Servette’s Ronnie Rodlin and Mihail Klepac of Everdon scored two goals.

Enzo Crivelli caused a stir by violently attacking Everdon goalkeeper Kevin Martin. Servette’s striker kicked the opponent in the head with an open sole, but he could only see a yellow on it, even though referee Lionel Chodi looked at the scene again on the screen. Bruno Grossen, the Azraq refereeing expert, said after the match that the red card was obvious to him.

But even without being sent off, a run of eleven matches – 6 wins and 5 draws – ended for Servette. The Geneva team played four of these matches under the leadership of current coach Rene Weiler, and the rest under the leadership of his predecessor Alain Geiger.

Yverdon – Servette 4:1 (1:0)
SR Chaudi.
Portals: 2. Longueuil (Tasar) 1-0. 54 Maheus (Soter) 2-0. 56. Longueuil (Maureen) 3-0. 87. Rudlin (Kognat) 3: 1. 96. Klepac (Losev) 4-1.
Yverdon: Martin. Sotier, Gunnarson, Del Fabro, Lou Bojam; Joye, Céspedes (Promenade No. 84); Tasar (Losev 73), Morin (Losuena 64), Longueu (Mauro Rodriguez 72); Maheus (84.clipback).
napkin: Mall; Voiloz (Baron 61), Royer, Severine, Maziko (Tuate 61); Guilminot, Cognat, Doolin (Ondoua No. 60), Kutesa; Crivelli, Pedia (80. Rodlin).
Warnings: 41. Vuillos, 57. Sautier, 85. Martin, 90. Crivelli.



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