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FC Mettmann 08 enjoying the view from second place

FC Mettmann 08 enjoying the view from second place

Kressliga Wuppertal: Dornapper should settle for one point despite their superior play.

TSV Dornapp – SV Bayer Wuppertal 1:1 (1:1) agreement. It was a home league showdown where the Dornapers could have done more than just one point. “At least in the first half we had four or five clear chances but we missed them.” Karl Heinz Schultz. However, former TSV boss Einigkeit also admits that after changing teams, Bayer dominated the team for long periods and the hosts were lucky not to concede another goal. “If you combine the two halves, the tie will probably be fine,” he says. It is clear to him that the Dornapers lack the “shot” that would successfully complement the fine preparatory work of colleagues.

The hosts dominated from the start, then surprisingly conceded 0:1 (12th place). However, they did not like this and continued their offensive efforts. Philip Carls, who had just come on as a substitute, equalized to make it 1-1. In the second half, Bayer pressed for the lead again, but wasted some clear chances or failed due to the Dornapper defense.

Dornab: N. Guelke – Durumeau, Ermels, Marcias (90 + 2 Riddell), Brooks, Kleinschmidt, Wagner (34 Carls), Effenberger, J. Gulc, Stasson (64 Krings), Kreutzer (46 Rosner).

Hellas Wuppertal – Mettmann 08 0: 3 (0: 0). FC Mettmann 08 confidently completed the task in Hellas and got six points after two rounds of matches. And with this, the coach’s team gets mixed up Stephen Bohs in the Region A league at the top. After the first half ended in a goalless draw, Niklas Penneman scored the score 1-0 two minutes after the start of the second half. Dangerous midfielder Leon Schilling rose to 2: 0 (61). Five minutes later, it was Niklas Benemann who sealed the victory for Mettmann, 3-0. One might be curious about FCM’s further performance this season.

FM 08: Jansen – Mellinghaus, Schlinther (79 Westphal), Schwabe, Fink, Pennemann, Lilick, Schilling, Spilker, Issanov (65 Alto), Himes.