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FC Basel: Granit Xhaka speaks on Instagram

FC Basel: Granit Xhaka speaks on Instagram

After the 3-0 defeat

“Just sad” – Granit Xhaka criticizes Bayern, which is suffering from a crisis

Basel have no chance against newly promoted O’Shea on Sunday. Then Fabian Frey chooses clear words. Granit Xhaka also speaks.


Herr O’Shea takes the lead against FC Basel.


  • Basel lost on Sunday to FC Stade Lausanne Ouchey.

  • After the defeat, Granit Xhaka speaks out.

  • Expresses criticism.

Basel lost 3-0 to O’Shea on Sunday. After the match, Bayern fans booed the Red Blue players. While sporting director Heiko Vogel, who returned to the coaching bench after the dismissal of Timo Schulz, was looking for explanations, veteran Fabian Frei found clear words: “We are all disappointed and angry. “I didn’t think I would experience this during my active time.”

Meanwhile, former Bayern player Granit Xhaka spoke out on social media. The Nati captain, who has had an impressive start to the season with Bundesliga leaders Bayer Leverkusen, wrote on Instagram under Bayern’s result post: “It’s sad what Bayern have become. There has to be a turnaround now.” Xhaka’s comment quickly collected countless likes. The fans celebrated Captain Nati’s words and invited him to buy FC Basel.

Discussions between Tollant Xhaka and Heiko Vogel

Xhaka’s brother, Toulant, came on as a substitute in the second half. After the final whistle, he was still on the pitch arguing loudly with Vogel. What did the two discuss? Not clear. When asked about this scene at Match-PK, the German did not want to reveal it. He simply said: “The content is just a matter between Tauli and me.” Speaking of Xhaka: He went to the fans after the final whistle and spoke to them. He spoke long and intensely with the heroes of Motenzer’s Curve.

It’s not the first time, Xhaka commented on the situation at Bayern Express on social media. At the end of January 2023, Rotblau lost to Lucerne with a score of 2-3. At the time, Xhaka also shared on Instagram. “He continued. ‘It’s great that you do that,’ he wrote sarcastically. ‘But the team can’t do anything about it.’ “The only people I feel sorry for are the fans.” Xhaka said they would “work hard” every weekend. “You should be ashamed of what happened to the club! Fantastic!”

Here you can see Granit Xhaka’s lyrics.


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