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Fans have been waiting longer than expected for the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Fans have been waiting longer than expected for the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Big request

Did you order iPhone 15? You may have to wait a little longer to get this version

At Apple, orders for the iPhone Pro and Pro Max were delayed by several weeks. Switzerland could also be affected.


iPhone 15 was introduced on September 12. It is scheduled to be released in stores on September 22.


  • The iPhone 15 will be released in Switzerland on September 22.

  • Pre-orders on Apple’s website have already been delayed for several weeks.

  • The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are particularly affected.

  • There may also be waiting times in Switzerland.

The iPhone 15 has received mixed reviews since its announcement on September 12. Internet and technology experts at the same time He criticized the annual lack of innovation in Apple’s latest products. But that doesn’t stop fans from To get the latest version of iPhone. iPhone 15 will be officially released on September 22. However, this time, so many pre-orders were received that the wait times at the Apple Store were extended by several weeks.

These models are affected

The highest demand is for the premium versions of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, so waiting times on Apple’s website have increased by up to five weeks since pre-orders began, depending on the version. For current pre-orders, customers are waiting until mid-October to get the iPhone Pro, while for the iPhone Pro Max it could be in November.

Since these versions received the biggest hardware upgrades, this is likely what most fans will be targeting. The camera in particular speaks to what may be the best — but also most expensive — experience with optical zoom and the larger screen on the iPhone Pro Max. The new titanium frame is also available in Pro versions only. All other models will still be available from Apple soon.

But preference is not the only reason. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple insider, there are bottlenecks in production and delivery: “The current delivery quantity is lower due to the subsequent mass production schedule, and the current production problems are more obvious than other models,” Kuo said in his report to

And Switzerland?

Sunrise is confident that waiting times can be kept to a minimum. However, there is no guarantee and demand for the iPhone Pro Max is high: “Waiting times depend on the corresponding model. “We cannot provide an accurate forecast yet, but we will inform customers if this situation occurs,” Sunrise spokesman Rolf Siebold said. Upon request, Swisscom was unable to provide any details about expected delivery quantities.

The iPhone 2023 Index reveals how many days people in different countries will have to work in order to be able to buy the new iPhone 15 Pro for 1,079 francs. Although Switzerland is listed at the bottom, it is at the top of the list. The Swiss only have to work 4.2 days to be able to buy a new iPhone. They are followed by Americans with about one day more (5.3) and Australia with two days more (6.3) than the Swiss.

More about the 2023 iPhone Index You can find it here.

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