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Fabian Schar: Nati defender talks about Newcastle and FC Basel

Fabian Schar: Nati defender talks about Newcastle and FC Basel

Newcastle defender

Nati star Fabian Schar on former club Basel: “It’s bad”

In the “Copa TS” podcast, Nati defender Fabian Schar talks in detail about his life at Newcastle, the crisis at FC Basel and his future in Switzerland.


Fabian Schar is also playing for the Champions League qualifying spots with Newcastle this season.


  • Fabian Schar (31) is a guest on presenter Tommy Schmidt’s “Copa TS” podcast.

  • There the Nati defender talks about Newcastle and the Champions League duel with Dortmund.

  • Bayern Munich’s crisis and failed move to Gladbach are also topics.

Fabian Schar (31 years old) talks on German broadcaster Tommy Schmidt’s podcast “Copa TS” about the current season with Newcastle and FC Basel and almost moving to Borussia Mönchengladbach. National defender of…

Champions League match with Dortmund

We didn’t show our best performance in the home game and we were a bit unlucky. We know how important this match is and we want to go one step further. We shouldn’t focus too much on the match against Bayern (0:4). I think there’s usually a reaction after a match like this. “They want compensation.”

His goals for this season

“We have not defined this clearly. We finished in the top four last season and of course we would like to build on that. But in the English Premier League, it is very difficult to reach the Champions League. “If you pulled it off last year, obviously you’ll want to fight for it again.”

Newcastle city

“For me, it has become my second home. The weather is often not great, but I have never met such nice people in one place in my entire career. The mood in the city has really changed in the last couple of years. For people here, football is religion. “There is so much joy and gratitude to be felt.”

Millions of Saudis

“I thought it was great that something had happened here and that the club now had big ambitions. I knew they could put two or three players ahead of me. But the best thing for me is that I have a coach who supports me completely. Expectations have gone up dramatically. No one expected that “Everything happens so fast.”

Return to Switzerland

“The plan is to return to Switzerland at some point. But you never know what will happen. That’s why I don’t want to rule anything out.”

FCB crisis

“It’s bad. It takes almost too long for a crisis to happen. I’m not close enough, but I think a lot of bad decisions are made. It’s sad to see that coaches and players are constantly being replaced. The demands are of course completely different.”

European Championship 2024

“You always look forward to tournaments as children. I think Germany is a great place. It is the perfect country for a football tournament. I would be very happy if I could participate in the tournament.”

Changing Gladbach is a failure

“I was very close to the change and I was already sitting at the same table with Gladbach. Then I had a knee injury. That’s why the transfer didn’t happen. Six months later (summer 2015) I moved to Hoffenheim.”

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