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F1 GP USA 2021 PHOTOS: Photo Qualification

F1 GP USA 2021 PHOTOS: Photo Qualification

Formula 1 provided good entertainment in Saturday’s Austin qualifying. In the lead up to it, Daniel Ricciardo allowed tires to smoke in an old NASCAR car. In the timely critical drills, Max Verstappen made the fastest lap. We’ve collected the highlights.

Daniel Ricciardo has been looking forward to this moment since his victory at Monza in September. With success came the reward. McLaren boss Zak Brown has had to settle a bookmaker’s debt. Which, of course, was what he liked to do back home. Brown introduced a loved one to cars for his driver.

So it occurred to us that on this Saturday afternoon in Austin, not only were the Formula 1 cars making noise, but also an old car. Ricardo fulfilled his dream and ran a show in a 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo of NASCAR icon Dale Earnhardt. The Formula 1 star shone a little more than usual.


Hamilton couldn’t do anything against Verstappen at Red Bull in qualifying.

Highlights the quality in the exhibition

After the show, the real action followed. The 32-year-old also cut an adorable figure in his company car. The Perth man set the seventh fastest lap time at McLaren. That wasn’t enough for my Ferrari. To beat his teammate Lando Norris this time.

The two qualifying champions were the contenders for the World Cup. Max Verstappen outplayed Lewis Hamilton at the crucial moment. The Red Bull star didn’t bother with a few drops in the closing stages. Verstappen pulled through, and grabbed the pole position. Hamilton remained in the role of well-wishers. Red Bull was the fastest car in the field that day. Mercedes was left behind.

It served as the basis for Sergio Perez’s vision. And for the first time in his career, the veteran nearly ran to the front of the net and thus took the spotlight away from his teammate. But in the end the best form disappeared. This leaves it third on the grid – with good odds for another platform.

F1 fans cheered on the lively stands. The organizer announced a full shack for Sunday’s race. The audience should expect the next show. Uncertain result.