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Eva Pinkelnig took third place in the Women's Ski Flying World Cup debut

Eva Pinkelnig took third place in the Women's Ski Flying World Cup debut

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After the first show of the Women's Flying and Skiing World Cup was postponed until today, they were finally allowed to compete for the first time in the morning Collect World Cup points on Monsterbakken in Vikersund (NOR).

Irene Maria Kvandal won the special competition today, ahead of her compatriot Silje Opseth. And with them on the podium was Slovenian Emma Klinic.

Jacqueline Seefriedsberger was the seventh best Austrian with flights of 191.5m and 180.5m.

A sunny finale to raw air
A total of 17 female skaters participated this weekend. There were also three Austrians: Eva Pinklnig, Jacqueline Seyfriedsberger and Lisa Eder. For the last two it was even the premiere. Eva Pinklnig, who qualified for the competition last year, now sits in ninth place with two flights of 194m and 180m. Lisa Eder finished the competition in 12th place (174m/173m). In addition to the decision to fly on ice, the final points for the Raw Air classification were also collected today. Norwegian Irene Maria Kvandal won this with 1790.4 points in front of her local audience. Celie Obseth is happy with second place with 1638.4 points, and in the end today set a new women's world record with a jump of 230.5 metres. Eva Pinkelnig from Vorarlberg took third place in the Raw Air classification with a total of three Raw Air podium places and 1,634.9 points.

Impressions from Vikersund (NOR):
Eva Pinkelnig:
“Today's training was really great. I found it really good out there. On the competition jumps, the balance in the squat wasn't where it should be. Overall, it was a great experience and I'm already looking forward to next year. The Raw Air race was exhausting But I did well and it was great to get third place here again.

Jacqueline Seyfriedsberger: “It was really cold. It was real ski flying weather today. I'm really happy and I'm starting to fly well. The magic marker hasn't let me get over it yet, but it was still a really cool event and I'm glad I was there.”

Lisa Eder: “The test jump was really cool and a lot of fun. During the competition, I got a little more nervous and wasn't quite as relaxed as I was in the test jump, but it was still fun. You feel really happy in the air when you realize the jump is long. I was really happy out there.” “It's a shame it wasn't a 200m race, two meters could have been done, but it was definitely a lot of fun.”

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March 17, 2024