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eROSITA data is here – “will make many theorists very sad”

eROSITA data is here – “will make many theorists very sad”

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The German X-ray telescope eROSITA has captured stunning images of our Milky Way Galaxy. © DPA/MPE/IKI | MBE/IEC

The eROSITA space telescope provides a lot of data about the universe. They help resolve the paradox in cosmology.

Garshing – The universe is incredibly huge and complex. Research has found this time and time again – for example when it comes to the question of how fast the universe is expanding. There are two different measurement options that produce different results – the “Hubble Potential”.

How is matter distributed in the universe? eROSITA can solve the “voltage S8” problem.

A similar phenomenon also exists when it comes to the question of how matter is distributed in the universe and how clumped it is. The so-called S8 parameter can be measured or predicted using the Standard Model of cosmology. To do this, the model is modified to match the cosmic microwave background (CMB), the residual radiation from the Big Bang. However, this is where the problems start: the value varies depending on how it is determined. It could point to new physics if this “Potential S8” cannot be solved.

More accurate information about the universe could help. Two weeks ago, the first data from the German space telescope eROSITA were published. He surveyed the entire sky for the first time and collected huge amounts of data for research. eROSITA monitors X-rays emitted by hot gas in galaxy clusters and can thus precisely measure the total amount of matter in the universe and its clumping. And indeed: the new data eliminates the contradictions, as in one notice Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE).

Space telescope resolves cosmic tension – 'will make theorists very sad'

“Erosita tells us that the universe has behaved as expected throughout cosmic history,” explains Vittorio Gherardini, who is responsible for the cosmological study. “There are no tensions with the CMB, maybe cosmologists can relax a little now.” Sciences The researcher becomes clearer: “This will make many theorists very sad. They want to find something new, but the theory works well.” On the ArXiv preprint server Published and submitted for publication in a specialized journal.

“The cosmological parameters we measure from galaxy clusters agree with the latest CMB data and show that the same cosmological model has been in place from shortly after the Big Bang until the present day,” confirms Israa Bulbul, who leads the galaxy clusters and cosmology team at eROSITA. “Applies.”

The research analyzes space data from eROSITA

Researchers are conducting further analysis of the vast amounts of data collected by eROSITA. “We may be on the verge of a new discovery,” says Emmanuel Artis in MPE's announcement of his line of research. “If this can be confirmed, eROSITA will pave the way for exciting new theories beyond general relativity.”

Bulbul says researchers are “excited about additional exciting discoveries that will deepen our understanding of the origins and evolution of our universe.” He continues: “Once the full data is evaluated, eROSITA will subject our cosmological models to the most stringent test possible.” Ever been a survey of galaxy clusters. (unpaid bill)