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England. Premier up to 30s? – Johnson was annoyed by the reports.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain. Photo: Don Kidwood / Pool Getty / AB / DBA

The main stone

Boris Johnson was outraged when he commented on his political future as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. When asked by a journalist if he would like to run for a second term in the next election, the conservative politician during a visit to Rwanda over the weekend said: “I’m thinking about a third time this time, but I’ll check when the time comes.”

When asked, he expressed confidence that he would definitely win the election for a second term, which usually takes place in 2024. He added that he was actually “thinking about a third term – in the mid-2030s”. Johnson has been in office since 2019.

In political London, however, a growing number of voices want to see the head of government leave Downing Street quickly. The 58-year-old escaped a recent no-confidence vote by his conservative faction, albeit with a lot of opposition. A few days ago, Johnson suffered electoral defeats in two by-elections, prompting his general secretary, Oliver Dowden, to resign – with the blatant statement that someone should be held accountable.

According to the Telegraph, Johnson is currently preparing to introduce new steel import rules to protect domestic manufacturers from cheap steel from abroad. It aims to get votes, especially in areas where the UK economy is dependent, the newspaper said. However, the change of rule would mean another violation of international law – a violation currently being charged by the British government in other contexts.