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Enclave HD is coming to PS5 in December

Enclave HD is coming to PS5 in December

Developer Ziggurat Interactive recently announced that Enclave HD will be coming to PS5 in December.

Anyone who wants to play the action RPG Enclave HD on PS5 can be happy because the makers have announced that the game will be released for Sony’s console on December 5th.

With this announcement, a trailer was also released showing some scenes from the game. You can find the trailer at the bottom of the page.

The game says: “The Peoples of Light and Darkness are separated by a deep chasm that has divided the world for thousands of years. The Lands of Light form an enclave of truth and order, surrounded by the twisted and desolate lands of darkness called the Outer Regions. As the centuries pass, the gap begins to narrow… It is only a matter of time before the forces of Light and Darkness in an unprecedented and relentless battle for survival!

Here are the features of the game:

  • Amazingly fast-paced action set in the Middle Ages
  • A huge scope of play featuring over 25 fantasy missions plus bonus games
  • 12 playable characters from different character classes and additional characters
  • Strong bosses with individual abilities
  • Three different difficulty levels
  • Many different weapons, objects and magic items
  • Two complex single-player campaigns (Light and Dark) with different endings
  • Huge soundtrack and countless atmospheric sound effects
  • Many scripted events always present surprises

About this one connection You will be taken to the game’s official website.

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This is what we believe:
This is sure to please fans of the classic game who own a PS5.