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Emirates Airlines sells parts of its old devices

Emirates Airlines sells parts of its old devices

The signature bar on the Emirates A380.Photo: zvg

Air Arabia dismantles its first decommissioned A380. Instead of letting empty wreckage perish in an airplane graveyard in the desert, the contents are put up for sale.

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Usually the end of a line of planes that are no longer needed is: the desert. In the sandy Nirvana, airlines left their hardware to rust after removing the most important parts they still needed.

Emirates says goodbye to the A380 for the first time.

Emirates says goodbye to the A380 for the first time.Photo: zvg

This fate threatened the first decommissioned A380 of Emirates Airlines. However, it is now announcing that the giant two-story bird will undergo a major upcycling and recycling process. Say: the desert can wait.

A suitable solution for retirement

According to a press release, Emirates is teaming up with Dubai-based company Falcon Aircraft Recycling to salvage most of the parts of the phased-out A380. Emirates President Tim Clark has been quoted as saying that customers and fans can take a piece of aviation history with them. “It’s a stylish and convenient solution to stopping this iconic aircraft and our pioneer.”

According to the statement, the popular A380 in-flight bar on the upper deck of the aircraft, intended for business and first-class customers, is on sale. Clark once said, “There were wedding shows in the pub, and some relationships broke up.” to interview With “Switzerland on Sunday”. Other cabin elements are also repurposed into bespoke furniture and memorabilia. Prices have not yet been disclosed.

The giant bird was a failure

According to Clark, about 190 tons of various metals, plastics, carbon fiber composites and other materials will be removed from the aircraft and either recycled or reused via a recycling program with Wings Craft.

Emirates President Sir Tim Clark.

Emirates President Sir Tim Clark.Photo: Ali Haider/EPA

The aircraft decommissioned is Emirates’ first A380, which was added to the long-haul fleet in 2008. Then, in March 2020, it made its last commercial flight. As a result, it was moved to the airline’s technology center in Dubai, where engineers continued to expand useful components such as engines, landing gear and flight control components.

Emirates was in the past the largest buyer of the giant bird with 118 aircraft, which was a symbol of the huge ambitions of Sahara Airlines. However, manufacturer Airbus ended production of the double-decker in 2019 after twelve years due to receiving too few orders for the machine. For all its charm and magic, the A380 goes down in aviation history as a failure.

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