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Embry defeats Kalpa Kuopio on his way to the semi-finals

Embry defeats Kalpa Kuopio on his way to the semi-finals

Peter Muller celebrates the match-winner with the crowd to give the Empress a 4-2 lead.Image: Cornerstone

Defending champion Embry Piota reacted to the opening defeat to Pardubice in the Spengler Cup with a 5:3 win over Finnish team Kalpa Kuopio.

December 27, 2023 at 2:49 pmDecember 27, 2023 at 5:46 pm

Embry made the decisive difference to the 2018 winner in the final third. In the 42nd minute, defender Tim Head confidently converted a penalty kick, with Alex Formenton being fouled.

After 170 seconds, American Peter Muller, who usually plays with Vitkovic, raised the score to 4-2 in the power play. As a result, the Finns were unable to score more than two-time top scorer Benjamin Korhonen. And 97 seconds before the end, Laurent Dauphin made it all clear with a shot into the empty penalty area.

The lead was carelessly lost twice

Ambry was poorly served at 2:2 after 40 minutes. The Leventiners did more for the game, highlighted by their shooting ratio of 22:9 (36:17 overall). However, they gave up the lead twice. They conceded the score 1:1 (24th minute) with the advantage – Embry reinforcement player Julius Honka underestimated the breakthrough. The score fell 2:2 (37) after a counterattack 3:1 after Michael Spacek mishandled the goal.

Formenton made it 1-0 in the 19th minute after scoring two goals against Pardubice. The Canadian played the ball in front of the goal, and Jaakko Rissanen shot it into his own net. Jakub Lilja scored 2:1 79 seconds after 1:1 during the same power play.

On Thursday, Ambry enjoys the day off. In order to qualify directly to the semi-finals as group leader, coach Luca Sereda's team relies on Kalpa's victory over Pardubice.

Kalpa Kuopio – Ambre Piota 3:5 (0:1, 2:1, 1:3)
Davos. – 6267 spectators (sold out). – S. R. Hörlemann/Fonselius (Switzerland/Finland), FOX/Stalder.
Portals: 19. Formenton (Head, Zwerger) 0:1. 23. Korhonen (Lanta/Simontaival disqualified!) 1:1. 24. Lilja (Attention, Spacek/Exclude Simontival) 1: 2. 37. Kantner (Klemiti, Rissanen) 2:2. 42. Listening 2:3 (punishment). 45. Müller (Formenton, Virtanen) 2: 4. 53. Korhonen (Sissons, Mäenpää/Exclusion Eggenberger) 3:4. 59. Dauphin (Formenton, Head) 3:5 (empty goal).
punish: 3 times 2 minutes each. (RAM/CDA)


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