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EA Sports FC 24 reveals the covers for the game – many fans already hate it

EA Sports FC 24 reveals the covers for the game – many fans already hate it

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from: Janek Buick

EA has released covers for EA Sports FC 24. The image in the Ultimate Edition causes a lot of laughter among fans.

Vancouver – A few months before the release of EA Sports FC 24, the covers of the game for the different versions were released. This is causing quite a stir among the fans, after all it is EA’s first football simulator without the trademark rights to FIFA. But the Ultimate Edition’s cover makes fans laugh for other reasons.

The name of the game EA Sports FC
Version (date first published) TBD
Publishers Electronic Arts
series EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA)
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Google Stadia
Developer EA Sports – a trademark of Electronic Arts
Type Football simulator

EA Sports FC 24 unveils Ultimate Edition cover art – fans are making fun of it

This is the cover of the Ultimate Edition: The leagues have already been leaked in EAFC 24. After the loss of the rights to the FIFA brand, the question still arises of what remains of the glory of the old days in EA Sports FC 24. The Ultimate Edition skin may also have been created with this question in mind, because EA 31 players* from different clubs from all over Europe applied. It is likely that Erling Haaland will appear alone on the cover of the standard edition.

The cover of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition makes fans laugh © Electronic Arts

What the fans say: For fans, Hidden Thing is more likely to cause laughter than ecstasy. The faces of the stars on the cover especially make some jokes in the comments below the EA Sports post. In old FIFA fashion, Uncanny Valley’s look seamlessly links back to the good old days – despite the new name.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition Cover Showcases – Best Feedback From Fans

Andrea Pirlo: EliteOwNage12 Emphasized: “Pirlo has seen things.” Only the Italian superstar knows exactly what, but judging by his appearance on the cover of EA Sports FC 24, he can’t forget it.

Ronaldinho: The Brazilian dribbling artist is hard to spot for the masses. User 5weeld_20 feels like another character when he looks at his face anyway. We have to admit, the similarity is undeniable.

Bukayo Saka: The young Englishman drives the masses crazy because they cannot recognize him. Contrary to the two old legends, he at least has a steady smile on his face.

When will EA Sports FC 24 be released? So far there is only one leak for EA Sports FC 24 release. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. However, fans can rejoice. EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate pre-order bonus leaks suggest Early Access will be possible earlier than usual.