Complete News World – A very successful indie video game that will soon have an analogue release on Kickstarter – A very successful indie video game that will soon have an analogue release on Kickstarter

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Starting soon Kickstarter the next Backgammon implementation all over Successful indie video game. with Terraria: the board game Waiting for you Cooperative game for 1-4 peopleWhich takes you to the world of the 2011 game through Bring back the logic to kidnap.

Already in May 28 The “Terraria: The Board Game” campaign begins on Kickstarter. You can each other Get notified hereWhen you start.

This is what the game is about

“Traria” he Sandbox gameWhere you explore the world to find mineral resources, equipment, money, and other things. You also need weapons to fight a variety of monsters. Using the resources you collect, you can build your own world and gather around visitors who sell useful things.

Terraria: the board game Now I want to take you into the analog version of this world to do exactly what makes the video game so popular: Dig, fight, explore and build your own world. Your actions are controlled by one The deck construction mechanism is simple And one Action point system certainly.

Alone or in collaboration with others, you discover a new world with others every time Biomes. The further you progress, the more you unlock. during NPCs You will receive rewards Battleswhich also brings you new items, and is fulfilled Tasks It comes down to it Boss fights And with Better armor and buffs You are getting stronger and stronger.

“Terraria: The Board Game” is aimed at both newcomers and fans of the video game.

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