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Due to severe staff shortages: Nursing homes in Great Britain must reject applications

Due to severe staff shortages
Retirement homes in the UK must reject applications for admission

Due to severe staff shortages, nursing homes in Great Britain had to repatriate many people in need of care. The BBC reported on Wednesday that two-thirds of the 340 nursing home managers surveyed said they would limit or suspend their services due to obstacles in the National Care Council survey. This often means that applications for membership must be rejected. It is estimated that there may have been 5,000 such cases in the last six weeks alone.

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According to the survey, one-fifth of the positions advertised in homes are vacant. Often the staff in nursing actually go to work for other activities.

The regression of individuals in need of care increases the pressure on hospitals because patients often have to stay longer than they actually need. In the fight against the nursing care crisis, the British government has announced additional funds to be used for training and recruitment.