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Due to a trial match in the USA, Barcelona are likely paying the players money for their silence

Due to a trial match in the USA, Barcelona are likely paying the players money for their silence

Robert Lewandowski and his teammates are not happy with the club bosses' plans.Image:

Nearly 32 hours after the last league match of the year, FC Barcelona will play a friendly match in the United States of America, against the wishes of its players. So that the professionals do not make negative comments, they are given a reward to keep them quiet.

November 30, 2023, 2:26 p.mNovember 30, 2023, 3:24 p.m

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Less than two weeks ago, Barcelona's Gavi suffered a serious injury in the European Championship qualifiers. Due to a ruptured cruciate ligament, the 19-year-old midfielder will miss the rest of the season and possibly also the European Championship in Germany. His club was angry with the federation and with the Spanish national team coach, Luis de la Fuente.

The Catalans accused the 62-year-old of risking Gavi's health by using him in an insignificant match. Spain had already topped the group before beating Georgia 3-1. Gavi was the only player in the starting lineup to actually play the full distance against Cyprus three days ago. Now Barcelona's excitement appears in a completely different light.

Spaniard Javi Baez's reaction after being injured in his leg during the Euro 2024 Group A qualifying match between Spain and Georgia at the Jose Zorrilla Stadium in Valladolid, Spain, Sunday, November 23, 19, 2...

Will be missing from Barcelona and Spain for a long time: star midfielder Javi.Image: Cornerstone

In December, the club plans to hold a trial match in Dallas against Mexico's Club America. that was It was announced shortly before Jaffe was injured. The match is scheduled to take place in the United States on December 21, approximately 32 hours after the final whistle of the final league match against Almeria. This will be the twenty-ninth match for the Spanish champions since the start of preparations for the new season at the end of July. No wonder the players are not particularly enjoying the fact that they have to go on such a long trip before the short winter break (the league starts again on January 4).

According to the Spanish newspaper “Sports» The professionals spoke clearly against the trip to coach Xavi and the board of directors around president Joan Laporta. That's why Robert Lewandowski and Co. must be mollified with financial support, the report says. Accordingly, each player receives a reward of 100 thousand euros so that no one will have negative comments about the flight, which totals 28 hours of flight. So we can talk with confidence about silent money.

epa10704493 FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta gestures during a presentation of Barcelona's vision at the new temporary FC Barcelona museum in Barcelona, ​​Spain, June 21, 2023. It will…

President Joan Laporta does not want to hear anything negative from his players.Image: Cornerstone

The cash-strapped club can only spend around two million euros for one reason: a friendly match requires more money. Barcelona are said to be receiving double the amount for the match. With these amounts, it seems that the health of the players is no longer that important.

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