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Drivers request a lane change before the US GP

Drivers request a lane change before the US GP

Three hours before the start, the majority of Formula 1 drivers requested that the three plastic deflectors be removed from Turn 1. Accidents in the junior ranks worry them. The FIA ​​responded immediately.

Images from the W Series and Formula 4 National races in the US Grand Prix back-up show were nearly identical. Both times a driver was pushed onto the curb at the exit of the first corner in the fight. When the cars crashed into one of the three plastic reflectors tangentially installed there, they took a massive leap in the air that almost ended in a reverse flip.

This also alarmed the Formula 1 community. Three hours before the start of the 17th round of this year’s world championship, the majority of drivers requested that the orange plastic fenders be removed, called “curb sausage” in technical jargon. “We don’t think a Formula 1 car will take off because we have a lot of downforce, but we don’t want to be forced to drive over it either,” says George Russell.

Drivers threatened to boycott

The Williams driver explains that hurdles are not an issue in normal operation. “If you’re driving alone, you won’t hit the reflectors at all. However, in a duel, someone might force you to walk in a long line at this point.” High reflectors are an invention of Formula 1. They are designed to prevent drivers from setting their perfect line outside the confines of the track.

These limitations are a real safety risk for mini-series. With a Formula 1 car, you basically risk hurting the lower part or injuring the driver’s back. Drivers wanted to avoid this and even threatened a boycott if the barriers were not raised. The reaction of Michael Massey, FIA Racing Director, was immediate. After the last tire race, the reflectors were gone. Since the plastic parts are fixed into the ground, the change was possible in a short time.