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Donald Trump used Melania's cell phone so no one would hear

Donald Trump used Melania’s cell phone so no one would hear

It seems that Donald Trump rarely adheres to security protocol in the White House. He used his wife’s cell phone so he could make the calls himself.

The basics in brief

  • Donald Trump used Melania’s cell phone while he was president of the United States.
  • That’s how the now 75-year-old wanted to bypass strict safety protocol.

It’s been six months since Donald Trump (75) made a place in the White House Joe Biden (78) It had to be done. and strange from the former president Still a topic of conversation.

As Michael Bender from «Wall Street Magazine »writes, Trump used a cell phone from Melania Gaten Trump, 51, for private talks. The reason: The former president wanted to outdo his advisers.

In his book “Honestly, We Won This Election,” Bender explains how Trump has tried to bypass all safety rules. One of the rules was that the head of state John Kelly (71) had to hear every call from Trump. This is exactly what the strongest man in the world wanted to stop at all costs.

Bender writes: “Ass John Kelly (…) appealed to the authority of the chief of staff and wanted to hear every call (…) Trump gave his friends the number From Melania’s phoneTo bypass this official channel.”

according to “Wall Street Journal »The journalists found it very easy to reach the president. So everyone will have continued access to Trump without first speaking to advisers. An impossibility with previous presidents.

Do you use your partner’s cell phone?

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