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Dividends of €12,000: These are my top stocks

Dividends of €12,000: These are my top stocks

Sven Klunder blogs on Instagram about his finances as an “investment engineer.”
Sven Klunder

With the help of dividend stocks, “investment engineer” Sven Klunder was able to generate additional income from his six-figure portfolio.

Klünder says it invests primarily in stable, dividend-generating stocks and leaves room for riskier investments.

Many investors rely on dividend stocks to generate passive income while expanding their investment portfolio. You benefit from the regular distribution of dividends as well as potential gains in stock prices – this gives stock owners a double advantage.

Sven Klender, known by the pseudonym “Investingenier”, has built a six-figure portfolio with dividend stocks within ten years – and received a dividend of €12,300 last year. Business Insider was given access to his portfolio. “My concentration in the portfolio, maybe 65 percent, is individual dividend stocks,” Klunder says in an interview.

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Klender sees several advantages for investors in dividend stocks. “You have extra income because you benefit from the dividends,” he says. “This makes you a little more financially independent.” But there is another advantage for him personally: motivation. “Imagine you're having a bad Monday, and then — BING! — a message comes into your phone and you've got money,” he says. “It always gives me a boost of motivation and makes my day better.”