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Dismissal of 900 employees by zooming in/out: discharging a former employee

Dismissal of 900 employees by zooming in/out: discharging a former employee has laid off 900 employees. Ended in Zoom meeting. Now a former employee is talking about mass layoffs.

The boss fires employees with a zoom call. – Tik Tok / wanderellaco

The basics in brief

  • CEO Vishal Garg has laid off 900 employees via Zoom.
  • Now a former employee is talking about the horrific resignation.

“If you are part of this meeting, you are one of the unfortunate people who will be fired.” With these words, CEO Vishal Garg shocked his workforce. last Wednesday fired 900 of his Staff – on a zoom call.

Christian Chapman was one of them. The meeting lasted only three minutes. CEO Garg immediately started, without waiting for all the participants to attend the meeting. “Your employment here is terminated with immediate effect,” Garg declared.

HR mail that never arrived

In “immediately” Garg said on the spot. Chapman said the laptop screen in his office immediately turned black.”CNN». The work cell phone, email account, and messaging service immediately stopped working.

Chapman and the rest of the layoffs promised to send a follow-up email from HR. But because the mail account was set, this mail never arrived. “It was a surreal moment. Moment Chapman says:

And it got worse. Later, CEO Garg accused the dismissed people of “theft”. They were unproductive and only worked two hours a day. He claimed this to “Fortune” magazine.

“a pile of stupid dolphins”

The CEO was said to have been abusive towards his employees as early as 2020. In an email he is no longer in control of his emotions.

“You’re too slow, you bunch of stupid dolphins… so stop it. Whoa! You’re embarrassing me.”

Another ex-employee, still unknown, says it’s only been a short time before being released He won another employee award. “I’d rather be poor than be like him,” says the CEO’s employee.

Chapman, who has been in this business for 20 years, has to support a family of seven. “I try to focus on the positives, but that’s the harsh reality,” he says. It will now take a lot of effort on his part to find a new job.

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