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Diablo 4 Uber unique items are impossible to find – the new update doesn't change anything

Diablo 4 Uber unique items are impossible to find – the new update doesn't change anything

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Uber Uniques are powerful items in Diablo 4, but they are nearly impossible to obtain. It is said that the latest update has increased the chances significantly or not?

IRVINE, Calif. – Blizzard has released an update for Diablo 4 that significantly increases the chances of obtaining an Uber Unique. However, this update didn't do much for most players. The possibilities have gone from impossible to almost impossible.

Diablo 4: Dataminer reveals the numbers behind Uber Uniques

The probability is this high: After the update, the probability is about 1 in 7,000. If you find this possibility too unrealistic, you should close your eyes to the numbers before updating. The update increased the chance of getting an Uber Unique by 1,350 times. The chance of getting an Uber Unique for the barbarian class was 1 in 10 million before the update. Although this is a significant increase in chance, obtaining an Uber Unique will still be very unrealistic for most players.

YouTube user Rob2628 summarized and explained whole numbers and probabilities more clearly in his video. Although the numbers are not official, the source seems very trustworthy when it comes to leaked content. If you're tired of Diablo and need an alternative, you're in good hands here: Best Diablo 4 Alternatives of 2024 – These 7 RPGs You Can't Miss.

Diablo 4 Uber Uniques are impossible to find – new update doesn't change anything © Blizzard Entertainment (Montage)

Diablo 4: This is the best way to find Uber Uniques

This is how you have the best chances: The best way to get Uber Uniques is from President Durial. Defeating a Diablo 4 boss gives you a 2% chance of obtaining an Uber Unique. Still very low, but much better than 1 in 7,000, which is a 0.01% chance. If you want powerful items, you have to beat the Diablo boss over and over again and pray for one. Alternatively, you can also obtain Uber Unique items by crafting Magnificent Sparks: Diablo 4: Crafting Magnificent Sparks – Crafting Uber Uniques.

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Blizzard is planning to make major changes to existing items in Season 4. Exactly what this will include is not yet known, but many players are of course hoping that Uber Uniques will also be affected by the changes. In the future, Xbox players will be able to join the cast in Diablo 4: Diablo 4 will soon be available on Game Pass — and that's just the beginning for Blizzard.