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“Desperation spreads in Europe due to the migration crisis”

“Desperation spreads in Europe due to the migration crisis”

Too expensive, and not possible

“Desperation spreads in Europe due to the migration crisis”

The idea of ​​deporting asylum seekers to a third country, such as Africa, is gaining momentum again. Immigration expert Benjamin Schrafen believes that the obstacles are very great.


In September, photos from Lampedusa made headlines, and right-wing populists have since gained momentum for their demands. It took 20 minutes to get a report on site.

20 minutes

  • The FDP’s Council of States, Damian Müller, is demanding that the Federal Council find a country to which Switzerland can deport Eritreans who have been refused payment.

  • Similar ideas are also being discussed or studied in Italy, Great Britain and the European Union.

  • For migration expert Benjamin Schrafen, this is one thing above all else: a sign of European impotence in the face of the growing number of refugees.

  • But these are not real solutions; The obstacles to such proposals are very high.

Illegal immigration To Europe is increasing. In addition, return rates in many countries are low. In other words: one time The external borders of the European Union Those who have passed through or come to Switzerland often remain – even if the asylum decision is negative.

Illegal immigration to Europe is increasing.

20 minutes / Tadeo Cerletti

Hence, an old idea is gaining new momentum: outsourcing the asylum system (see below). Great Britain has long been planning to implement all asylum procedures in Rwanda. Demands the FDP’s Council of States by Damian Müller The Federal Council calls for the creation of a country that will accept rejected asylum seekers from Eritrea.

Benjamin Schrafen has researched these topics for years Aviation and immigration It advises the United Nations and the European Union, among others. He is aware that the idea of ​​outsourcing the asylum system is currently being discussed again: “The situation surrounding the refugee population is tense across Europe and right-wing populist forces are taking advantage of it. Ultimately, the suggestions are false solutions.

These are the reasons, according to Sharafin

  • Legally: “Which courts are responsible? How can we ensure that refugees can exercise their rights?

  • human rights: “In Great Britain, the so-called Court of Appeal has ruled that Rwanda is not a safe country to send asylum seekers there. There is a risk that asylum seekers will be sent to their countries of origin without adequate screening, where they may face imprisonment or persecution. Fundamentally, it is also about human rights standards.” human rights obligations that must be adhered to in relation to the safety, accommodation, care or medical treatment of refugees.

  • Feasibility: “Which country is prepared to accept rejected asylum seekers? There is also the question of how to bring refugees into the country. The airline that wanted to do this in the UK withdrew its offer after significant public pressure.”

  • Financing: “It is unclear whether that would not be very expensive.”

  • socially: Such proposals lead to polarization and contribute to the division of society. There will certainly be very strong resistance from human rights and refugee organizations.

“Europe has been suffering for years”

According to Schrafen, the proposal submitted by the Council of States of the Free Democratic Party, Damian Müller, would make the legal situation easier because asylum procedures would continue in Switzerland. But all other question marks still remain.” Overall, Shravin doesn’t think these suggestions can actually solve the problem.

“Europe is going through difficult times, but there is no alternative to the efforts being made.”

Benjamin Schraven, immigration expert

But what are the alternatives? “In Europe, there is actually a kind of helplessness in the face of the migration crisis,” Schraven says. However, he believes that “traditional” ideas are more likely to help solve the problem: “There is a need for better cooperation with countries of origin, uniform and faster asylum procedures, and faster returns of rejected asylum seekers.” Europe has been struggling with all of this for years and decades. But in the current situation, these efforts have no alternative for me.”

“Border control is not a solution”

Even stricter border controls are not a solution for Sharafin. “Then more people are arrested and registered crossing the border, and the number of asylum seekers increases. But then what? Returning people to the country they came from would amount to what is called pushback, and that is illegal.”

Great Britain It wants to outsource Rwanda’s entire asylum system. The Supreme Court’s decision is expected on Wednesday.

Italy It has reception centers established for asylum seekers in Albania. Migrants can stay there while their asylum application is being processed. The agreement targets migrants arriving via the Central Mediterranean route.

• in Switzerland Damian Müller targets asylum seekers from Eritrea who do not receive asylum in Switzerland but cannot be returned to their country: they must be transferred to another country that receives money in return.

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