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Demos for more rights for tribal people – DW – September 17, 2023

Demos for more rights for tribal people – DW – September 17, 2023

Tribes Australian In future, they should have a say in all laws affecting their community. And this right should be enshrined in the constitution. A related poll Scheduled for October 14th.

However, in recent surveys, only 40 per cent of Australians support constitutional change, while 60 per cent oppose reform. A year ago the turnout was the opposite.

Mood changes

Given the significant decline in support, Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese launched a “Vote Yes” campaign. In Melbourne alone around 10,000 demonstrators called for a “yes” vote in the referendum. Tens of thousands of people took part in similar rallies in Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart and Alice Springs.

Around 10,000 referendum supporters took to the streets in Australia’s second largest cityImage: Sydney Lowe/Zuma/Image Alliance

Opponents of the reform in the conservative opposition criticize the reform as giving special privileges to indigenous peoples. They complain that the correct procedure is still unclear and fear more bureaucracy.

Even today it remains backward

But advocates warn that a no-referendum would tarnish Australia’s reputation in the world and ruin the future of future generations of Indigenous Australians. Since Australia’s independence in 1901, only eight of the 44 proposed constitutional amendments have been adopted.

Aboriginal Australians settled the continent at least 60,000 years ago. After the first British settlers arrived in the late 18th century, they were oppressed. Until today They fight vs racism and discrimination. They have lower life expectancy, less education and are more likely to die in police custody than their non-Aboriginal counterparts.

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