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Daughter surprises mother who dies with a cute deer cub in bed


February 15, 2022 – 3:48 pm Clock

What a moment to touch an animal In Melbourne, Australia: Lisa McDonald’s mother dies. She is in an immunotherapy unit. But Lisa wants to give her a special surprise. So she brings a cub to the sick bed.

MELBOURNE: A sick mother has surprised her daughter with a beautiful deer calf

Lisa writes on Facebook about her mother: “Her dying mother is a big deer fan. “My sister and I and the rest of the family who support us wear Bambi T-shirts. We call them our nursing uniforms.”

According to the Daily Mail, Lisa is doing just that Looking for a deer Find out what they’re looking for: Simon and Chris, a couple, run a mobile pet park called “Born Patties Mobile Farm”. She agreed to meet them the next day. “But unfortunately Mom got sick quickly,” Lisa says.

The mother from Melbourne could not believe her happiness about the baby

The couple did not hesitate for a long time and drove the dwarf to the immunization center for two and a half hours: “Because of the pure love and kindness I can not thank them for what they did for my mother and my family.”

Lisa’s mother is lying in bed, with a man sitting next to her. When the deer takes the cub into her room, you can see her surprise and, above all, her incredible joy: “God,” the woman choked with great joy.(jmu)