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Ähnlich  wie hier auf der Hoftexplosion, nur als Ausführung in Holz: In der Filzfabrik soll eine kleine Skateranlage entstehen. Foto: /Andreas Geißer

Crowdfunding Work in Progress: “Snowboard Stand” Space – Courtyard

The next public skiing opportunity will be in Marktredwitz, there is still plenty of space in the Alte Filzfabrik cultural center and no residents having to worry about noise pollution. However, skiers have musical neighbors in the immediate vicinity, so special attention should be paid to the construction of sound absorbers made of wood. Because three teams are already practicing in the same hall.

“In the building we have space for six shipping containers: four on the ground floor and two on the first floor. Three of them have been completed, and they are already busy,” says Patrick Little, one of the association’s founders. Hof subculture – from his point of view as a Hof city council member.So he knows: “For the first time in the Hof house there is a separate budget address for the Hof subculture of €50,000, a large part of which goes to the felt factory.” In this way, the association is secured Overall – which hasn’t been the case for a long time. And I have room for new approaches. Two-thirds of the space should be used for well-known belting pools, and one-third for skaters. “It’s about opening up a different target group for us, offering something new to members and creating synergies.” That means: If it comes Skaters, the bar could open, and if a concert was held, skaters could perform their courses. This should revitalize the Alte Filzfabrik Cultural Center even more, although one can’t complain about the lack of inquiries, Little says: We had twelve events between the closings alone, p Precisely because we can guarantee the intervals.” with skaters, so we hope you broaden your perspective. Moritz Rödel: “Something like that lives from the people who come.” You can go directly to crowdfunding here.