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Court in Amsterdam – Netherlands may reduce flight movements to Schiphol – News

Court in Amsterdam – Netherlands may reduce flight movements to Schiphol – News

  • The Netherlands is allowed to reduce the number of take-offs and landings at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
  • On appeal, an Amsterdam court declared a government order legal.
  • Thus, it overturned a contrary decision by an administrative court to which the airlines had appealed against the restrictions.

The government had previously decided that the main European airport would have to reduce the number of flights from the current maximum of 500,000 flights per year to 460,000 flights from November in order to reduce noise and carbon dioxide emissions. Next year, the upper limit of 440,000 trips should apply.


Fewer machines will take off and land at Schiphol Airport in the future.

IMAGO / René Trout

As the court in Amsterdam ruled, the government did not violate national or European law with this order. The order also ends a procedure that has been in practice since 2015, in which more flights are tolerated than is actually allowed for noise protection reasons. Airlines have no right to continue in this illegal situation.

The court supports the position of the residents

The airline KLM and four other companies have filed a lawsuit against the limitation of the number of flights. You have claimed that the government has not considered any alternatives. The companies were convinced they could reduce noise and carbon dioxide emissions even if the number of flights stayed the same.

With regard to balancing interests, the court stated that it had given great weight to the residents’ concerns. The airlines’ fears of serious damage and the concerns of the airport and passengers cannot be overshadowed.