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Container traffic jam and strike: Nothing works in the port of Hamburg anymore

Container overcrowding

Nothing works anymore in the port of Hamburg

Thousands set up their business in German ports. They ask for an extra 1.20 euros per hour. The strike led to chaos and significant delays.

Published: 06/09/2022 at 15:07

Disrupted supply chains and congestion on container ships severely impact the global economy. Now Hamburg (D) was hit twice. In addition to the overcrowded container terminals, there is now a strike that Germany has not seen for a long time. And the port of Hamburg is still there “picture” Writes.

Verdi’s union is demanding higher wages for its 12,000 members who work in German ports. In Hamburg alone, 5,000 workers are employed. Most of them will stop working during the late period. As in the ports of Emden, Bremen, Bremerhaven and Willemshaven. It increases by about 1.20 euros per hour.