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Lüdenscheid (D): Police stop a Mercedes full of rubbish

Even the gas and brake pedals are clogged

German police stop a Mercedes car full of rubbish

On Tuesday, German police stopped a car full of trash. The Mercedes-Messi passenger seat was covered with trash to the ceiling. Waste also accumulates in the foot of the driver’s seat. Now the road traffic department must step in.

Publication date: 4:59 pm


Updated: 6:07 PM

During a routine traffic inspection on Tuesday, officials noticed a different type of garbage truck. A gray Mercedes drove a ‘massively littered’ B54 in Lüdenscheid (NRW), police explained in a media statement.

Boxes, bags, clothes, empty packages, and bottles pile up around the driver’s seat. Even in the footrest next to the driver’s seat, there was so much trash that you could only hit the pedals halfway. A photo released by the police shows the extent of the chaos.